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UEA Mentoring

City Academy Norwich is fortunate to be located next to the University of East Anglia (UEA).  CAN and UEA work in partnership to deliver a number of initiatives and projects designed to:

enrich the education attainment of our pupils, and to encourage students to aim higher in their post-16 educational plans. 

UEA Student Ambassadors and the Accelerated Reader Scheme

A number of undergraduate and postgraduate Student Ambassadors from UEA have supported over 70 students across Key Stage 3, reading with students in small groups or on a one-to-one basis.  Through this partnership, CAN has been able to help a substantial number of Pupil Premium students to boost their literacy and reading skills.  Students have also demonstrated increased academic confidence during their regular lessons.

The Year 9 Mentoring Programme

Two students from UEA worked with a selected group of eight Year 9 students, sessions focused on the benefits of higher education, alongside individualised mentoring sessions to boost students' academic and personal development.  The scheme concluded with a visit to the UEA Campus in May 2017.

The Year 10 Mentoring Programme

A postgraduate student from UEA's School of Psychology undertook mentoring work with over 25 students in Year 10.  Students were selected on the potential to achieve outstanding results in their GCSE examinations, and to continue their studies at 6th form and University.  Students met with their mentor once a week with sessions focusing on the benefits of higher education, the importance of teamwork and communication, and the development of the independent research skills required for advanced study.

The programme included a 'Celebration Day, at UEA in May 2017 - Students were given a tour of the UEA Campus, treated to a typical student lunch, and attended an academic taster session on a subject of their choice.  The event concluded with a presentation on the benefits of higher educations, and a certificate to recognise the achievements of students enrolled on this course. Danielle: I enjoyed the activities that were set up for us, they made me think in a different way.

Feedback from students attending the UEA Celebration Day

"I really enjoyed the Speech and Language session.  I'm now thinking of studying it in the future"

"I was taken on a tour and I asked loads of questions about the UEA, and then learnt about the Law after we learnt what choices we could have at UEA"

"It was fun - I enjoyed making a game"