UEA Mentoring

CAN has been working with the UEA on a Mentoring programme for Year 9 students; the aim of this programme is to give students a chance to talk to UEA student ambassadors about university, study skills and options for higher education. The programme is a combination of one to one sessions and e-mentoring.
After the 12 week programme was completed the students were invited to the UEA to experience some of the subjects on offer. After having a great time wandering around and experiencing the UEA the students were provided with a fantastic lunch. Then it was dodging the heaving rain for a treasure hunt around the grounds and time to dry out in the awards ceremony where students were presented with their certificates.

Shannon: I enjoyed that fact that we were shown around by the Student Ambassadors. They took the time to socialize with us.
Danielle: I enjoyed that activities that were set up for us, they made me think in a different way.
Olivia: I enjoyed all of the activities and meeting the Student Ambassadors.
Samuel: I enjoyed that tour of the UEA and finding our more about university life.
Megan: It was interesting; we found out that there is a wide range topics in psychology. All the Student Ambassadors were nice.
Charmaine: I enjoyed going to the UEA. I found out lots of information about DNA. The Student Ambassadors were nice. I loved it.
Lynden: I enjoyed meeting and speaking to my UEA Mentor.
Destiny: I enjoyed having someone to speak to and having help with things. The day at the UEA was fun, I learned lots of new things.