Student Participation

Students will play an active role in the leadership and management of the Academy. This will contribute significantly to developing their independence, creativity and maturity. It will also give them the employability skills required for the modern workforce.

Students will be elected into two key areas:

  1. Student Voice – to represent the views of their peers to the Academy leaders and report regularly to the Academy council members.
  2. Student Participation – to act as Leaders and Ambassadors to assist in the daily operations of the Academy. There will be four broad areas of participation:-  the Environment, Student discipline, Student support and Student learning.

Head of Student Voice


A member or members of staff will be attached to each of these four broad areas to give students guidance and support. Sub groups will form in each main area to which more students will be invited to participate.  All contribution to this will be celebrated and rewarded.

We want you to help us manage the Academy – “For students by students”