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Student behaviour and safety

City Academy Norwich has very clear expectations on how its students will conduct themselves in both the Academy and the local community.

The Academy RESPECT campaign forms the core backbone of these student expectations and focuses on creating an outstanding learning environment for all. The RESPECT campaign is firmly built around traditional core values and strongly advocates responsible student behaviour, mutual respect as well as positive and respectful attitudes towards others.

Students and teachers in the Academy jointly created the RESPECT campaign during the summer term of 2010. This collaborative process had a very clear focus on creating a positive and respectful climate for learning at the Academy. The RESPECT campaign is built around four main component parts:

  1. Preparation for learning
  2. Learning
  3. Rewards v Sanctions
  4. Social time

Preparation for Learning

There are very clear expectations displayed outside every classroom that outline how students should prepare for learning. Students should be correctly dressed in full academy uniform, have a school bag, and equipment. Every teacher conducts formal checks at the start of every lesson.


The RESPECT classroom expectations are clearly displayed inside every classroom. They specifically outline how students should approach their learning, interact positively with the teacher and their peers, behave in a safe manner as well as work to the best of their ability at all times.

Rewards v Sanctions

In every classroom there is a six-step behaviour ladder clearly displayed, starting at gold moving down to red at the bottom. The Academy actively promotes and reinforces positive student learning and behaviour through our electronic EPraise rewards system. Alternatively students that present unacceptable behaviour and who disrupt learning are moved down the ladder and receive appropriate consequences from the classroom teacher.

Social Time

The Academy is very clear in expecting students to conduct themselves positively, calmly and maturely during their social times. All hot food is eaten from plates sat at a table in the dining room, litter is placed in bins and clearly designated, fully supervised areas are provided for students to spend their social times.

The RESPECT campaign at City Academy Norwich is fully embraced and endorsed by the entire academy community. We are very proud to be a calm, orderly and respectful learning environment that thrives on trust, mutual respect and high expectations for all.