Our Outstanding Building

On May 2012, construction company Kier signed the building over to the school; contractors had worked on the three-storey project for 16 months.  Formerly Earlham High School, City Academy Norwich has been designed and built to the highest standards. 

The school features a large open atrium at the back of the school, looking out on to the woods behind it, with two curving walkways leading to classrooms on the first and second floors.  The building incorporates flexible seating systems and insulation, bright and effective lighting and every part of the building is accessible by wheelchair. 

The community wing of the building, which includes a dance and movement studio, a gym, and a sports hall, is fitted with the latest equipment, and is accessible to clubs and individuals in the Earlham area.

The Academy has five schools – Discovery, Leadership, Creativity, Values and Pioneers. All rooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards, data projector and wireless internet access.

Each faculty – linked to each of the four schools – has its own “break-out space” which allows students to venture out of their rooms and learn in a more flexible environment.

Technology rooms feature both domestic kitchens for traditional food technology lessons and industrial-standard equipment – opposite the school’s own kitchen for lunchtimes – for vocational courses.

The Radio studio and music rehearsal rooms all encourage students to get involved with the creative arts.
The mixed-sex “anti-bullying toilets”, which open out straight on to the corridors with no doors and are used by both students and staff, have proved a successful feature.

The outside of the main school building has been landscaped, to include a pond, raised beds that are tended by students, and a number of “outdoor classrooms”, and parking for 120 cars.