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Sport Relief 2018 at CAN

In aid of Sport Relief 2018 City Academy Norwich held several events within the Academy. There were inter-House Handball tournaments for each year group, an inter-House baking competition and an inter-House Sport Relief Quiz. The inter-House Handball tournaments went fantastically for years 7, 9 and 11 who really got into the spirit of improving the wellbeing of all and raising money for charity, with each player paying 50p to take part and raise awareness. There were some outstanding highlights, including a swift counter-attack ending with a powerful shot by Charlie Tuttle, a Year 7; excellent goalkeeping from Rolandas Paliukas in Year 11; and some superb tactical shots from Wilson Cruz in Year 9 who was leaping into the air and launching the handball past the keeper to score goals for his House.

The winners of the Handball Tournaments were:

  • Year 7: Griffins
  • Year 9: Titans
  • Year 11: Phoenix

The inter-House baking competition kicked off well but with Griffins bringing 6 members to the team, this gave them an advantage over Phoenix and Titans, meaning they could bake a lot more than the other two Houses. Each pupil received 5 House points for attending this club. These cookies and buns were then available during Progress Review Day where parents, pupils and staff could donate to taste the delicious baked goods. A special thank you to Farhia Sugo, Tilly Hagland, Chloe Goldie, Alex Giles, Charlene Bartram, Katie Roberts and Linda Afriyie for staying during Progress Review Day to do this. Everyone who tried these delicious cookies and buns seemed to walk away happier. The House that took in the most amount of donations for the baked goods were Titans with £28.14, receiving an extra 50 House points for their House!

  • 1st: Titans, £28.14 in donations received
  • 2nd: Phoenix, £26.10 in donations received
  • 3rd: Griffins, £24.31 in donations received

The total that City Academy Norwich raised for Sport Relief 2018 is £202.73! Thanks to all those who donated and took part in the events. You are what making a difference looks like!