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Year 11 Basketball team success

Our Year 11 basketball team have play two tough games this week.

Monday 11th December - Notre Dame 34 vs CAN 57

CAN attacked from the start and scored the first few lay ups without much pressure from the opposition. Notre Dame were taken aback by our prowess and we kept the pressure up throughout the whole match.

Anton was on fire taking advantage of the opportunities he was presented and scoring several lay ups. We kept a few shots ahead throughout most of the first and second quarters, however, at half-time Notre Dame pulled it back to 26 – 26.

Once the third quarter got underway, we went out on the attack again bringing ourselves ahead of Notre Dame again. Rolandas kept the pressure on the opposition by using his height and strength to put them on the back foot. Etien worked hard in defence and offence, being everywhere on the court to slow down Notre Dame’s players.

All of our players did fantastically throughout the match to work hard for the team, play quick passes, and make it difficult for Notre Dame to play their normal game. 

Managers Man of the Match:  Chrystian Mane for his outstanding work rate, team work and defence ability throughout the match.

Players Man of the Match: Ethan Lloyd-Patrick for his cool-headedness when under pressure, and being the main playmaker in our attacks.

Tuesday 12th December - CAN 41 VS Framlingham Earl 19

Our Year 11 basketball team had their 2nd game in a row and it was looking to be another tough game to play, as last year we lost by 2 points to Framingham Earl. We played two quarters of 20mins, which proved to be a challenge with only 1 sub to bring on but our team pushed through it together. Bita brought his energy and drive to the game, helping to keep our team together and pushing them forwards on the counter attacks. Ethan was a great playmaker again but this time taking the opportunities he was given during the game to score lay ups.

This means our second game in with a second win, and only two games left to play in an attempt to win the league.

Managers Man of the Match: The whole team as they worked hard for each other and represented their school well.

Players Man of the Match: Rolandas Paliukas for his tenacity and strength in offence.