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Year 10 Basketball


Wednesday 7th January 2018

With minimal basketball practice and last-minute additions into the squad our boys were up against it. However, they had a point to prove as last time our two schools met Sprowston took the win by keeping a few points ahead. We started the game quite equal with both sides competing for the ball and taking shots but both teams missing out on scoring a basket. Then Sprowston took an opportunity and got 2 points ahead. We hit back immediately with a lay up from Kai Healing bringing it back 2-2. The first half was slow with shots not always going in and players from both sides finding their feet to play cohesively. At half-time Sprowston were ahead 6 – 4.


After half-time our boys went out and were a completely different team. They were hustling for the ball, man-marking brilliantly, passing and moving up the court to create space for those all-important shots and lay-ups, and had a lot more energy in their performance. They quickly brought the score level to 6 – 6, and then not letting the pressure off in Sprowston’s half our team scored a few in a row by taking the opportunities they were given. Baskets mainly scored by Barry Delf with his set shots and Kai Healing’s lay-ups. The match ended 18 – 8 with our boys elated that they could beat Sprowston this time around, and Mr Taylor was extremely proud of their performance and team work in turning the game around to win.


Managers MOM – the whole team as every single one of them improved throughout the game and worked hard for their team mates.


Players MOM – Josh Denmark for his debut match in the basketball team this year, and even though he hadn’t played much basketball he stepped up to the plate to help his peers out with a whole-hearted effort!