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World Book Day

City Academy Celebrates World Book Day!

Today the 2nd of March is marvellous World Book Day! At City Academy Norwich, staff decided to dress up as Roald Dahl characters. We had some great costumes such as Willy Wonka and Fantastic Mr Fox. We also had a really cool book swap where you brought a book and swapped it for a different one. Teachers also took turns to read some Roald Dahl books in our library! Then we had a huge assembly all about World Book Day where our teachers read us some Roald Dahl books.

We also had our Patron of Reading, Alexander Gordon Smith come in. He made a great speech all about how books can change your life. He explained that books have had a massive impact in his life. He also said his favourite book was the book 1984, by George Orwell. He then said the more you read the more you learn, earn and most important of all the more you can be SUCCESSFUL. Reading is the best power you can have.

Overall, I think that today was a great day! It was lovely celebrating reading and books.

Tilly Herrmann