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Student Council

Congratulations to your newly appointed Student Council representatives, they are:

Chloe Goldie, Tilly Hagland, Lauren-Rose Wilson, Emily Thrupp, Taneisha Ottaway, Carina Balde, Jake Roper, Natasha Spring, Eliza Slowinska, Alex Melton, Missy Spall and Abbi Taylor.

They gave many reasons why they want to represent the students of CAN - here are a few of them:

                                "I want people to feel happy in the environment around them."

                                “To improve school standards”

                                “I like a challenge and want to make a difference for the school”

                                “To be a good role model to the younger years…and help to keep improving our school”

                                "To make our school a better place and let everyone enjoy school”

                                 “Everyone should feel welcome and I will show them they have a place in City Academy Norwich”