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Sports Day 2017

This year the City Academy Norwich Sports Day was on Thursday 13th July 2017 and leading up to it there was a buzz around the Academy between all the Houses.

The Year 10 pupils were the most eager to put their names down for events as it would be the last time that they could compete. Heads of Houses took on the challenge to have every event filled because in the past that is the most likely way of winning Sports Day. After all, it is a team effort and the House that competes in most of the events throughout the day are more likely to succeed in lifting the trophy.

We were very lucky again to have amazing weather, for it as it was a nice sunny day. The year 7's and 8's kicked off the day with the 1500m race, which saw our first record being broken. Alfie Murdoch, who is known around the Academy for his long-distance prowess, beat the Year 8 record by over 12 seconds that had been held since 2014. Not long after this, Oliver Warburton broke the Year 7 record for High Jump held since 2015 with a staggering 1.35m!

After this, the year 9 and 10's came across for the same events. Simone Ogoba started off the record breaking again in Shot Put. She achieved 8.66m, narrowly throwing further than the predecessor in 2014 with 8.56m.

After a busy but fun-filled morning, it was time to set up for the afternoon track events where the whole Academy came over. The athletes sat in their Houses eagerly awaiting and mentally preparing themselves for their upcoming events, while those not taking part were sat in the stands cheering on their team mates.

Alexandra Denes was an early record breaker in the Year 9 Girls 100m sprint with 13.60sec, quickly followed by Simone Ogoba, who smashed the Year 10 Girls record for the 100m sprint. This record had been held since 2012 with 13.81sec, whilst Simone achieved 11.91sec.

In between events, Mr. Cook interviewed the winners to hear what these athletes had done to prepare themselves for the day. Some were speechless as they received a medal over their head. Others would not stop thanking their team mates and family!

The last event of the day was the eagerly anticipated Tug of War, where pupils are always trying to sign up for it before their classmates. As you will see from the photos these teams showed great spirit, team work and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The main team that stood out for us was the Year 8 Boys & Girls Green team who showed such strength and togetherness they overcame their competition.


The winners from the day are below:

  • Year 7 Winners - Blue House
  • Year 8 Winners - Blue House
  • Year 9 Winners - Yellow House
  • Year 10 Winners - Green House
  • Sports Day Winners - Yellow House

Athlete Awards

Each Sports Day we select the 'Male' and 'Female' Athlete Awards for each year group. These were selected for their competitive nature, outstanding team spirit and breaking past Sports Day records. The awards went to:

Year Group Male Female
7 Oliver Warburton Lauryn Mitchell
8 Alfie Murdoch Caitlyn Moore
9 Josh Denmark & Sonny Page Alexandra Denes
10 Etien Omari & Bita Kiza Simone Ogoba

All in all, it was an excellent day with staff and pupils working hard throughout and cheering on the competitors. It was lovely to see so many pupils supporting each other for the events they competed in. Well done everyone for another brilliant Sports Day!