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Reading Heroes

This year, we challenged our KS3 pupils to raise their reading ages by more than one year in nine months. An improvement that few of them had ever managed to achieve before.

The pupils responded with gusto and we are very proud to announce that a massive one-hundred and twenty-five pupils improved their reading ages by over a year!

Even more astoundingly, the following pupils managed to improve their reading ages by more than two years:

  • Chloe Carter
  • Joshua Chiesa
  • Chloe Duell
  • Joel Pickford
  • Ming Yu Wang
  • Shona Lee
  • Jessica Day
  • Ethan Delaney
  • Joshua Wright
  • Dylan Massen
  • Rhoda Biscosi
  • Myle Copping
  • Oliver Warburton
  • Oskaras Giedraitis
  • Tegan Hill
  • Kyra Jameson
  • Charlie Moore
  • Ryan Twiddy
  • Sophia Penfold
  • Kristopher Roberts
  • Adele Hill
  • Wen Tao Liu
  • Carina Balde
  • Atanas Nachev
  • Holli Davies
  • Tyler Hope
  • Emily Hawkins
  • Jay Hendon

Congratulations All on your superb effort! We're very proud of you.

Miss Pye