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Movember Update

This year was the 2nd year running that Mr Taylor and Mr Abbas took part in ‘Grow a Mo, Save a Bro’ – as part of the charity Movember. Last year we raised £330 together. This year we had one more addition to the team, Mr Mather. The only issue was, how could we beat our last year’s attempt of the Trucker moustache? This time we gave the decision to the Academy, where pupils and staff could vote for the moustache they wanted us to grow. It was a unanimous decision that we were to attempt the Connoisseur (aka handlebars). Our target was to raise £250 each and help raise awareness for young men’s mental health during such a stressful part of their lives with school work, revision and exams.


For the first couple of weeks of ‘Movember’ we were ridiculed for how poor our Connoisseur tash’s looked as pupils thought it would magically sprout overnight. However, once the third week came along, and the Moustache Wax Mr Mather supplied kicked in, our Connoisseur tash’s were looking promising. More and more pupils and staff were commenting on the progress and more and more people were spreading the word of why we were taking part in such a ridiculous project.


By the end of Movember, all three of us were proud of our efforts and how much the charity had been promoted round school. Once we shaved them off on the 1st December pupils kept asking where the moustaches had gone, as we believe they were getting used to them, and actually quite liked the alternative look.


On Monday 11th December and Wednesday 13th December Mr Mather organised indoor Futsal tournaments for pupils to compete against their peers and staff. In a good-styled nature pupils and staff enjoyed the friendly competition. This was mainly a drive to promote mental health in men, where one way to improve this is to exercise more.


With online donations, staff donations and entry fees from the futsal tournaments, the grand total that we raised as a team for Movember was £441.65. Thank you to everyone who donated to such a worthy cause, and thank you to those who helped spread the word of what we were attempting to achieve. You are what making a difference looks like!