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A group of 10 students who volunteered to be Buddies have finished their last training session. Students received three training sessions run by Victoria Bleksley (Senior Youth and Community Worker from MAP) on what their role would entail and how to be effective in this brand new role. They are here because they care! They care for the wellbeing of all students in our Academy.

As a student, if you are feeling upset, or lonely, or have an issue you need to talk to someone about, and you don’t feel like you can talk to a member of staff about this, our Buddies are here for you! Every lunch-time they will be stationed in the Atrium in front of the Achievement Wall.

The Buddies for our Academy are:


Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Emily Thrupp - Griffins

Carina Balde - Phoenix

Natasha Spring - Griffins

Madison Sweetzer - Griffins

Favor Ogoba - Phoenix

Lydia Howden - Griffins

Molly Cook - Griffins

Danielle Bowley - Titans

Natalia Militowska - Griffins


Rhoda Bisoci - Griffins