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Art and Photography

Course description 

In Art, we seek to provide an effective learning environment that is both stimulating and welcoming to all.  We aim to offer a wide range of Art activities and experiences which contribute to the creative, cultural, social, moral and individual development of students.  The Art Department has created a positive environment with an ‘open door’ policy for learning and encourages individuality and originality, raising the self-esteem of students by valuing their ideas and opinions and celebrating individual and collective successes. 

We have an up to date learning environment where students have access to a wide range of materials and facilities.

Key Stage 3 

We start year 7 with a project that introduces students to the ‘language of Art’.  Students have the opportunity to use a variety of materials tools and techniques, many of which they will not have used before.  Students look at a range of different Artist’s work. They learn to form opinions on their own work and the work of others.  In year 8 students build upon the skills learnt in year 7 looking at different Artists and revisiting materials and techniques in a more complex way.

Year 7

Each project lasts for half the year but is broken down into smaller sub sections.

  • Jasper Johns Number and Letter project.
  • Portraiture.

Year 8

Each project lasts for half the year but is broken down into smaller sub sections

  • Dragons.
  • Architecture.

Assessing Progress

Work is assessed each half term.


Key Stage 4 

Years 9, 10 & 11

V Cert Art and Design is taken in years 9 and 10.

Students opting for GCSE Photography will complete the course in years 10 and 11.


VCert Art and Design.

Examination Board: NCFE

Coursework 80% Exam 20%

Level 2. ( GCSE equivalent.)

Coursework Units

  1. Researching and Investigate Sources of Ideas in Art and Design.
  2. Explore and Use Art and Design Materials to Develop Visual Language
  3. Portfolio Unit.
  4. Communicating Visually in 2D


GCSE Photography.

Examination Board: EDEXCEL

Coursework 60% Exam 40%

Level 2.

Coursework Themes and content include.

  • Investigating Visual Language.
  • Self Identity
  • Dark Room Techniques
  • Cyanotypes
  • Digital Photography
  • Photoshop techniques.


Assessing Progress

Tracking assessments will continue regularly throughout the year at least half termly and take the form of portfolio assessment. 
There will be a formal Mock examination period during Autumn 2 for both courses in their second year. 


Students should be completing any work not finished during the lesson time as homework.  The Art Dept is open most lunchtimes and after school to enable students to do this.


Throughout our curriculum we will provide activities and opportunities for children to develop the skills they need to identify risks and stay safe.  This will also be extended to include material that will encourage our children to develop essential life skills.


All students are expected to bring a pen, pencil, ruler and rubber in order to be prepared for learning.  In addition, any other Art materials at home would be of benefit for the students.

Career Opportunities

Students will be made aware of career opportunities in the creative industries.
The VCert specifically prepares students for progression to a career in the creative industry.