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Student rewards

EPraise, the school reward system

Students will receive rewards ‘points’ to celebrate and recognise hard work and successes at the Academy.  EPraise points will be awarded for a wide range of reasons including: making a positive contribution to academy life, academic excellence, contribution to the wider community and extra-curricular successes.

As well as EPraise ‘points’ students can also collect EPraise ‘badges’. These are additional responsibilities that you they may choose to take on in the Academy, or other achievements that they may gain such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award, representing an academy sports team, performing in a drama production or successfully becoming a prefect.

Students will have a personalised EPraise account with their own username and password. Their on-line account will be accessible at any time and from anywhere for them to check points and achievements. These will all be logged and recorded so that they can make easy reference to them when applying for a Sixth Form/College place or for a part-time job.

Rewards Trips

Since City Academy Norwich introduced Rewards Trips over a year ago, many students have attended various leisure trips and experiences as a reward for their hard work and attendance at school each term. Previous trips have included Go-Karting, Theme Park, Cinema and a Concert in London. 

Every student has the opportunity to earn a place on their year group’s reward trip. There is no cost to any student to attend the Reward Trip as it is all provided by the school.  Any students who receive free school meals will also be provided with a packed lunch.

In order to attend a trip, students need to meet certain criteria that includes very good attendance percentage, more epraise points than behaviour points, have made significant progress in their learning and made a positive contribution to school. Parents are notified of the exact criteria for each term.

Parents can support their child in earning a place on one of these successful trips at the end of each term by making sure they attend school regularly, are in correct uniform and have the appropriate equipment, encourage good behaviour and to keep motivated to succeed in school.