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Student Leaders

Head Boy and Girl

Head Boy - TBA

Head Girl - TBA

Deputy Head Boy and Girl

Deputy Head Boy - TBA

Deputy Head Girl - TBA

Students put themselves forward to become leaders within the Academy.

Any student interested in becoming a leader, is asked to fill in an application. They will then attended a formal interview.

The student leader roles within the Academy range from pre-school, break and lunch time duties to presenting in governors meetings and representing the students at community events.  Student leaders are expected to support staff during registration, break and lunch. On these occasions the support may be peer mentoring, duties in the atrium, library, corridors and playground, and also at parents’ evening and open evenings.

They have training every half term where they gain a clear understanding of what skills and personal qualities are needed to become effective leaders. This process is also supported by regular assemblies.

At the end of their time in the Academy, they will be able to add this accomplishment to their CV.