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Student on tablet at City Academy Norwich

Top revision tips

  • Little and often. An hour a night over a few months is far better than 'cramming' just before the exam. Students who cram often say 'Revision makes me worse!'.
  • Revise actively: Don't just read your book. Use past papers, make revision cards, do quizzes - do things that make you think!
  • Use every minute of every lesson. They are for you and a valuable helping hand into your future.
  • Take up offers of tutorials outside of lesson time.
  • Revise in the way that works for you: Watch revision videos (GCSE Pod), revise with a learning buddy, listen to podcasts, use revision guides, make revision cards…
  • Learn from your mocks. They provide a map to guide you to the bits you need to work on.
  • Don't take reassurance from lazy friends, copy students who are making good progress.

Top revision websites