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Year 9 Sports Leaders

Thursday 28th June 2018

 13 Year 9 Sports Leaders led on various multi-skill activities at West Earlham Junior School. Most of these pupils have received extra training within Junior Sports Leader lessons during core PE. This event gave them an opportunity to apply all that they had learnt in these lessons in order to lead groups of fifteen Year 3/4 pupils. They soon found out that it was more difficult than they first thought!

After the first set of activities were underway our Sports Leaders started tweaking little things, including how they talked to the groups, what information was key to say, and how to encourage the pupils throughout, which made the activities run more smoothly. I received many positive comments from staff at West Earlham Junior School about how impressed they were with our leaders. I would like to thank all thirteen Sports Leaders for being proactive, committed, and being excellent role models to the young children and their peers at the Academy.

Myself and Mr Burroughs will be keeping in touch to include our Junior Sports Leaders in future sporting events at their school, so keep an eye out for the opportunity!

Mr Taylor - Progress Leader & PE Teacher