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Year 10 students present to Youth Board

Making it in Norwich’

City Academy Norwich teamed up with CNS to present their ideas on how Social Mobility could be improved within Norwich. This was first set as a challenge by the Youth Board, which is part of the Norwich Opportunity Area, back in January. They were asked to come up with an idea of how social mobility could be improved within Norwich schools. The team with the best idea would have their project run throughout all the schools within Norwich and a budget of £10,000 would be used for this.

Abbie Vincent and Lydia Howden, both in Year 10, presented their ideas on Friday 9th March with two other pupils from CNS. They worked extremely hard in preparing for the event and worked on their presentation skills as this was the first time they had done anything like this. At the event our team were first to present their ideas but did not let this worry them. They stepped up and presented brilliantly. Our team were against other Academies, including Sewell Park, UTC, the Hewett Academy, Notre Dame High School, and Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form.

The Youth Board panel awarded CAN and CNS with the best presentation of the day, which was clear for the audience as our team gelled nicely together. Their idea is also being taken forwards and will be used within this new project aimed at improving social mobility throughout Norwich schools. We are very proud of both Abbie and Lydia for representing our Academy.