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Write Across It - UEA

‘Write across it’   UEA Wednesday 6th June 2018

11 students participated in a creative writing workshop at UEA on Wednesday 6th June 2018.  Students were given ideas to expand and improve their creative writing skills whilst solving a murder mystery plot. 

Students had to solve the mystery of Bruce Jacobs’s murder which took place during his daughter Eliza’s engagement party. The characters in the plot included Casino Owner Leo, the wife of Bruce's business partner, Marie and others who all had reasons to want Bruce dead.

The students wrote short stories about their character and shared exerts with the group, some of these are shown below:

‘As I entered the room, I noticed how dark it was. The only light in the room was the slowly burning candles’

‘I hear screams down the corridor “Bruce is dead” I stumble as quickly as I can down the corridor as I see a dead body lying on the floor’

‘I am quite happy that Bruce has died because he wasn’t a very nice man. He thought that I was stupid to be his daughter’s best friend’

‘I see Mark smirking next to the shining gold piano in the corner of the room, so I approached him. He tells me that Bruce and him were sharing a secret. A secret big enough to expose a lot to journalists. He told me that the business was going under’

‘People were telling each other’s secrets. The room was in chaos! I was in shock at Bruce’s death, my eyes were as wide as those of deer in the path of an oncoming train’

Following the investigation, it was revealed that Bruce was killed with a shoe by Marie.    


Author Raffaella Barker, who lives in Norfolk, spoke with the students about her journey to becoming a best selling author - she also gave each student a copy of her novel 'Come And Tell Me Some Lies'