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UEA Visit

On the 15th May 2017, over seventy students from Years 7 to 10 went on a special visit to the University of East Anglia. The visit was a celebration of the work that Key Stage 3 students have been undertaking with Student Ambassadors from UEA on the Accelerated Reader Programme, and the work that Year 10 students have been undertaking with Holly Weaver, CAN’s designated ‘UEA School Champion’.

Students had the opportunity to tour the campus with current undergraduate and postgraduate students (and were particularly enthralled by UEA’s abundant rabbit population!), before being treated to a typical student lunch in the Blend café. In the afternoon, students were split into four different groups, and attended academic taster sessions from UEA lecturers based in UEA’s different academic faculties; on offer were interactive seminars on speech and language therapy, privacy and the law, DNA, and video games (which proved particularly popular with many in Year 7).

Afterwards, students reconvened in the Thomas Paine Lecture Theatre to hear a talk on the many benefits provided by attending university, before receiving certificates honouring their achievements on these two flagship projects organised between CAN and UEA.

Many thanks to Trevor Smith, UEA Outreach Manager, and the wonderful UEA Student Ambassadors for all their help running this outstanding day.

Feedback from students

Awesome! – Kira, Yr. 10.

I really enjoyed the Speech and Language session. I’m now thinking of studying it in the future – Abbie, Yr. 7

Today when I went to the UEA, I was taken on a tour and I asked loads of questions about the UEA and then learnt about the law after we learnt what choices we could have at the UEA - Danielle, Yr. 8.

It was inspiring, it will make me go to the UEA - Craig, Yr. 8.

It was fun - I enjoyed making a game – Wesley, Yr. 7.

Really good - enjoyed walking around campus. Definitely going to UEA – Connor, Yr. 8.