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Students Visit Imperial War Museum at Duxford

As part of personal development within History, a visit to the Imperial War Museum, Duxford was organised for students in Year 9 on Wednesday 5th October. During the visit students had the opportunity to develop teamwork and confidence. Alongside this they had a tour the museum, and while working both independently and in teams, will complete activities to further develop their knowledge of History.

Student reviews of the visit:

Today’s trip was amazing!!! We saw some huge airplanes in hanger 1 and in hanger 8 we saw some very old tanks. This trip was very educational. It was so much fun. We saw how it was like when it was World War 2 and we all learnt new things. Thanks for Miss Miles and Mr Webber and Mr Read. Thanks to all those teachers for making this day so nice. Thankyou!!

Amie Year 9

The trip was good. I found it interesting and enjoyable. I liked the tank and the gun the best and took many pictures. My favourite plane was the blackbird the fastest but looks the coolest, overall the trip was good.

Sonny Year 9

The trip today was really fun. I learnt about all the different fighter jets and about the different types of aeroplanes. One thing I learnt about today is that there are thousands of aeroplanes all for different reasons, hence why there are fighter jets and jets/planes from WW1 and WW2.

I’m sure everyone had a very happy and great day with all the amazing facts.

Mary Year 9

Today’s trip I have learnt about planes and the war revolution. I also tried some of their clothes on that they wore. I would recommend this trip to people.

Shona Year 9

I loved the trip. I think it was amazing to have it right in front of you instead of in a history book. I loved learning about the wars for example why pilots wore goggles in WW1.

Annabel Year 9