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Students Investigate Climate Change

Sixteen CAN students were selected to participate in an exciting climate change project involving two Norwich based schools, the UEA and the Norwich Puppet Theatre.  

On Friday July 1st, students and staff from Norwich School and City Academy Norwich visited Flegg High School.  Two Scientists linked to climate change gave a talk to begin the day.  Students then focussed on script / story writing linked to carbon capture and created scenery to be used at the Puppet Theatre the following Monday.

During their visit to the Norwich Puppet Theatre, they used their scenery and scripts to inspire puppet making to bring their stories to life and were presented at the Theatre during the same day.

Ethan, Josh and Kye:

On Friday we went to Flegg High School. We learnt about how global warming affects us and what we can do to stop it. We had to make a little play about global warming. Firstly, we had to write the story and make a script about it. Then we had to make the scenery by painting a huge piece of cardboard. On Monday we went to the Norwich Puppet Theatre. We had to make puppets to use in our play. Some people made stick puppets while others had to make shadow puppets. After we’d made our puppets we performed our plays in front of the audience. Overall it was a good experience.

Jess, Abbie and Jazmine:

Today we went to the Puppet Theatre to make our global warming plays. We made our own sets and puppets and worked with children from Flegg High School and Norwich School. It was really fun and we got to meet and work with new people.

Favor and Olivia:

Over the last couple of days, we have learnt about climate change. We went to Flegg High School on Friday and then we went to the Norwich Puppet Theatre on Monday. I personally liked Flegg High School more because we went and we painted our scenery which was really fun and we were really creative