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House Drop Down Day - 7th December 2016

We had our first ever Drop Down Day where pupils competed throughout the day in different sessions to earn points for their House Colour - Green, Blue and Yellow.

Pupils experienced six activities run by six different departments where House points were awarded for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place in their competitions or for the most effort, greatest team work, & most creativity. In some departments up to 50 House points were awarded for those who came 1st in the competitions across a whole year group.

  • Humanities ran creative sessions to decorate the Pioneers corridor and also engaging debate sessions
  • DT had pupils get their creative heads on and made fortune teller paper
  • Science had forensic experiments where pupils had to discover which teacher stole the science books
  • PE got everyone active by running a cross country event round our rugby and football pitches
  • Arts got everyone carrying out Christmas crafts for the Creativity display
  • English linked their activities to their learning with projects by making desert islands and Hunger Games arenas.

The whole day was fantastic and there was a great sense of team spirit and unity within the House Colours. It also created a competitive buzz around school and within groups of friends. Here's a couple of quotes from pupils on the day:

Nieyniey: "I liked the day overall, and I enjoyed the cross country outside as it got us all active and competing for House points"

Andrew: "It went really well and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day".

It was much closer than I believe pupils and staff think it would be, as at lunch time Blue were winning by over 100 House points. The results of the Drop Down Day are as follows:

1st place = Yellow with 2382

2nd place = Blue with 2348

3rd place = Green with 2314

However, as you all should know by now House points can also be awarded throughout the year by:

  • Attending a club/fixture after school - 1 House point
  • Reaching epraise milestones - bronze (25 House points), silver (50 House points), gold (100 House points)
  • Completing Accelerated Reader quizzes - for every 5 Accelerated Reader points you earn 1 House point
  • Completing Doddle Homework - 90-94% completed (1 House point), 95-99% completed (2 House points), 100% completed (10 House points)
  • Attending school - 90-94% attendance (1 House point), 95-99% attendance (2 House points), 100% attendance (10 House points)
  • Sports Day - this is the last opportunity to earn House points and is added to the total to find out who has won the House Cup

Keep an eye out on the website for the next update, which will be straight after Christmas after the accelerated reader, epraise milestones, Doddle Homework and attendance for the Autumn term will have been included, and see if the order has changed.