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Faberge and Russian Exhibition at The Sainsbury Centre

On Tuesday 16th January 2018 20 students, who are studying art and photography, has a guided tour of the Russian Season exhibition at The Sainsbury Centre, kindly funded by the UEA. 

During their tour they had the opportunity to look at works of art, various Faberge pieces including a Faberge egg which belongs to the Queen.  Our tour guide explained about Faberge, his work and the history of the Russian Revolution.

In the Russian exhibition students learned that ceramic art was used to educate Russian workers basic maths skills.


Students also has free time to see other exhibits in The Sainsbury Centre before taking part in a silk screen printing workshop.  They used an industrialised theme to create the letters on acetate before printing them onto a paper screen.

Feedback from the students was that they really enjoyed the workshop and the opportunity to do some printing, plus exploring the different exhibits.