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Children in Need

This year Children in Need fell on Friday 16th November 2018, and our Academy had planned a few events throughout the day. Firstly, pupils donated £1 to not wear school uniform -  this raised over £400!

We also had an inter-house bake-off competition run by Mrs Land the day before from 2:30 – 5:00pm where the turn-out was brilliant -  35 students and 10 staff that baked and decorated cakes, biscuits and buns.

The next day stalls for each House were set up during break and lunch with these baked goods available for a small donation in exchange. We even had several parents bring in cakes and biscuits which was lovely to see. Overall this raised over £170!

An inter-house rowing machine competition run by Mr Osborne at lunchtime for students and staff to see who could travel the furthest during lunch.   The results of this were:

1st – Titans (5063m)

2nd – Phoenix (4988m)

3rd – Griffins (4372m)

Our Student Council sold Pudsey ears, raising over £50. Lastly, And the Children in Need duck race sweepstake raised over £95  -  ‘James Pond’, was the winner.

Thanks go out to every student, parent, guardian, staff member, grandparents, the list goes on, who helped us raise a  £769.62, money that will make a difference to young children throughout the UK 

The breakdown of each House and it’s position are:

1st Place was Titans = £280.15

2nd Place was Griffins = £265.25

3rd Place was Phoenix = £220.83