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Carnegie Book Debate at UTCN

Ten CAN students attended the UTCN recently, to discuss all of the books that had been shortlisted for the Carnegie Award with students from other TEN Academies and the UTCN. There was a lively debate on each table about which book had the best characters, plot and style. Each group then presented their results to the whole room and votes were cast as to which book should win. The students then enjoyed a quiz all about the Carnegie book and children's book characters.

The students then enjoyed watching a live stream of the Carnegie Award winner being announced as 'One' by Sarah Crossan.  It was a great event that the students and staff all really enjoyed.

'Today was a great experience. I had fun meeting new people and talking about our favourite and least favourite books. My favourite book was 'There will be lies', sadly it didn't win' - Martyna

'This was a very interesting day, when I first came in, my dream was that 'One' should win and when it was announced that it had won, I was so excited!' - Rebecca

'Today has been very fun and I've enjoyed talking with new people about the books however I was disappointed that 'One' won, I would've preferred 'The Rest of Us Just Live Here' - Grace