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CAN Sports Day 2016

This year for Sports Day we placed every form in a House Colour with PE Teachers as the Heads of Houses for each. Not saying that PE teachers are competitive but each of us pushed our forms and pupils to do their best on the day.

It was a great day throughout and all pupils and staff looked like they enjoyed themselves and there was a great sense of team work within the Houses. This year we witnessed a staggering 33 records broken throughout Years 7-10, which was brilliant!

We awarded athlete trophies to one male and one female in each year who had helped win the most amount of points for their House and had broken the most amount of records too.

Alex - "It was very enjoyable and it was great to see others that don't normally participate in sports try their best!"

Ryan - "Was a good opportunity for students to try out a new sport and it was great because my form (7CJT) were the Year 7 Winners!"

Simone - "I always think to myself - never give up! Just do it!"