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Autumn term update for our new house system at CAN

This update includes House Points being awarded for pupils performing well in their Accelerated Reader quizzes and completing their Doddle homework. House points were also awarded to those who attended after school clubs and represented our school sports teams. We also had our first ever House Drop Down Day that was on Wednesday 7th December going ahead, where pupils had the opportunity to receive a large amount of House points for excelling in a range of subjects.

Below is a break down of how each House did under each category, with attendance still yet to be included in the results:

Keep a look out for the next House update on our website, with details of our next Drop Down Day coming up too!

Good luck to you all during the Spring Term. Get out there and attempt to gain as many points for your House as you can! As a reminder here is a list of ways that you can gain House points:

  • Epraise Milestones: bronze award – 25 House points, silver award - 50 House points, gold award - 100 House points
  • Attendance: 100% attendance – 10 House points
  • Accelerated Reader: every 5 points earned – 1 House point
  • Doddle: 100% completed – 5 House point
  • Clubs/fixtures: attend a club/fixture for 1 House point each time
  • Sports Day: last chance to gain House points!!

Leader of KS3 - Mr Taylor

Leader of KS4 - Miss Kitson