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Accelerated Reader Report

Accelerated Reader scheme with UEA student Ambassadors.

The partnership with the UEA started in the middle of November 2016.

Initially eleven Ambassadors attended induction sessions and started reading with students, this later dropped to eight. The Ambassadors either read with groups of four students or one-to-one. The Ambassadors between them offered up to 26 sessions per week, helping more than 80 students.

I have thoroughly enjoyed and feel privileged to have been asked to work with and support the Ambassadors during this new partnership. There have been a few teething problems which have quickly been resolved thanks to the commitment and flexibility of the Ambassadors as well as the continued support from the staff at City Academy Norwich. Communication has been excellent throughout; one ambassador even changed her session to enable her to keep reading with her one-to-one students.

The ambassadors have really motivated the students with their enthusiasm for reading, encouraging reluctant readers to take part thus enabling them to grow in confidence and read more fluently. Some have taken longer than others but the patience and commitment shown by the Ambassadors has been illustrated by the response of students leaving class (often a favourite lesson) to read.

Students have been helped and encouraged to break down words they are unsure of, often asking the meaning of words.

Year 7 = 4.6 / Year 8 = 4.2 / Year 9 = 7.9.  Average increase in months this term following reading sessions with Ambassadors - a fantastic result.

Student feedback.

“Reading has been good, helped me in English and form when I do literacy”.


 “I feel as if it has improved as I don’t read at home. Honestly feel as if my reading is improving”. Marshall

“I think I have improved on my reading skills and I don’t stutter as much”. Ben.

“I am more confident reading and my reading age has gone up”. Taylor.

“It has boosted my confidence on reading out loud. And I have noticed I can read better and I have more confidence in reading now”. Victoria.

Ambassador feedback.

“Since November it has been absolutely lovely to see a transformation with them all, not only with their reading abilities but also confidence and conversational skills” Katie.

“I was a little apprehensive when I started about whether the students would want to read aloud to me – as this can be a little daunting for some of them – seeing them grow in confidence, and getting to know what works best for each of them has been a really rewarding experience.  I am really pleased I have been able to take part in this project”. Rosie.

“The best part about working at CAN is seeing the students that do want to read and improve doing well. Working with the same groups over a couple of months you can see them growing and becoming more confident in themselves. That is what makes it rewarding, knowing that you are making a difference”.  Sophie.

“I can now reflect and realise just how important and amazing the scheme really is, the children that I have been able to sit and read with have had so much motivation to improve upon themselves and give themselves the best opportunity to allow them to be successful in later life”. Luke.

“I think what you are doing is amazing and every child deserves to have the opportunity to read well and your support for them is incredible”. Rachel.

Angie Myles.

29th March 2017.