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The CAN Curriculum for Key Stage 3 has a breadth of study that provides all students with a foundation from which to make outstanding progress. 

Teaching focuses upon developing fundamental skills such as Literacy, Numeracy and Learning skills, whilst creating a passion and thirst for learning.  This is achieved through the delivery of engaging and innovative learning opportunities, which promote academic, creative, technical and sporting excellence.

We understand that our students are not all the same and require a personalised approach to their studies.  Therefore, we have built flexibility into our curriculum so that students are supported and challenged to make the most of their learning experiences.

Within the CAN curriculum model, Year 9 is a transition year between Key Stages 3 and 4.  Students continue to acquire the knowledge and skill base they require for their Key Stage 4 studies, whilst providing them with a taste of GCSE-style teaching. This model also facilitates the extension of Key Stage 4 into Key Stage 3 where appropriate, in order to provide students with a greater depth of subject understanding.

Additionally, in Year 9, each school delivers a carousel of subject specific learning, which guarantees students experience sufficient breadth of study in order to make informed choices at option time.  Furthermore, great emphasis is placed on providing outstanding Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) through the PSHE programme and form tutor mentoring, in order to ensure that each student has a personalised pathway in Key Stage 4.