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Homework at City Academy Norwich

Why Homework?

City Academy Norwich is proud to support students in learning independently outside of lessons. The skills and knowledge that they will gain from completing homework will allow them to adapt and succeed in a rapidly changing world and gain the best possible qualifications for your future. We work hard to ensure all our students are making the progress they need to in order to achieve the highest possible outcomes. Completion of homework is an essential ingredient in this process.

What is Doddle?

Doddle is the online system City Academy Norwich uses to set homework for students. It is designed to help students do more and stay motivated outside of the classroom. There are self-marking homework quizzes that provide immediate results and feedback, that allow students to feel truly connected with what they're doing.

And it's adaptable to student needs: Doddle keeps them organised and encourages independent learning – and it works on whatever device they prefer to use.

How much Homework?

Each subject will set homework on the Doddle website.

As a guide, KS3 students should expect 30 to 50 minutes of homework per evening and KS4 students 60 to 90 minutes per evening.

How do students organise their Homework?

Students can access their Doddle homework by:

  • Using a computer at home.
  • Using a computer at school (break times or lunchtimes)
  • Attending the after school homework club in the LRC 3.25pm to 4.30pm
  • Using their smartphones or tablets (for many of the activities)

The institution is ‘City Academy Norwich’ and students have their own unique username and password.

Three tips for dealing with homework easily...

  • Use the Learning Resource Centre (LRC). It is open from 8.00am to 4.30pm Monday to Thursday and until 4.00pm on Friday, including morning break and lunchtime. The LRC offers computers, books, resources, quiet spaces to work and brilliant LRC staff.
  • Use tutor time. Form tutors will often let students do homework in form time and provide help and support.
  • When students are working at home, they should decide on a suitable time to do their homework, for example perhaps 4.30pm to 5.30pm. They should find a quiet space and ask parent/carers to support them by minimising disruptions and helping when they need it.

What do students do if they get stuck/overloaded?

The first port of call is their form tutor. They will be able to offer helpful advice and link them with other students doing the same task. It is also good to go and speak to the teacher who set the homework, who will be pleased that they are trying their best and that they have come back to seek help. If all else fails they should just give it their best shot and explain their thinking. Teachers will never be cross if students have tried their best.

If students can’t access the internet!

They should come to the LRC (8.00am to 4.30pm and until 4.00pm Fridays), use the local library if it is the weekend or see their form tutor (who may be able to give them access during form time).

How can parents/carers help?

  • Get in touch with your child’s form tutor if you feel your child is being set too much or too little homework.
  • Provide help when you can.
  • Help find a space and quiet time for your child to do their homework each evening

The percentage of homework completed on Doddle will be reported on Progress Reviews and also used as one of the criteria for the Rewards trip.